Looking for a cure for your talent acquisition strategy?
Looking for a cure for your talent acquisition strategy?
Peopleclick Authoria has the prescription.
Are you attracting qualified healthcare professionals while retaining your top performers?
Are you attracting qualified healthcare professionals while retaining your top performers?
Peopleclick Authoria provides high-quality solutions so you can provide high-quality care.
Does your talent management strategy need a check-up?
Read Aberdeen's Talent Management in Healthcare report to discover how high-quality talent can be the prescription.
Who would you call for a talent emergency?
Who would you call for a talent emergency?
Let Peopleclick Authoria come to the rescue.
WakeMed Finds a Cure
WakeMed Finds a Cure for Their Talent Acquisition Strategy with Peopleclick Authoria Solutions

TalentForce – Healthcare

There is a demographic revolution occurring in the healthcare market today. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), in the next twenty years, 20 percent of the entire U.S. population will be over 65 years of age and the United States’ healthcare spending is projected to increase by 25 percent. By 2020, the American Hospital Association estimates that Baby Boomers will account for four in 10 physician office visits. This growth and aging population will cause a high demand for healthcare services.

Health Systems will not only have to manage this demand, but also be accountable for attracting and retaining top performers while creating strategic programs to manage the changing demographics. The projected shortage of physicians, nurses and caregivers coupled with the number of healthcare professionals reaching retirement requires strategic talent management planning. Hospital CEOs confirm that clinical professionals, such as physicians, nurses and pharmacists are the key revenue driving positions. You must be able to attract and retain the most qualified healthcare professionals because these positions are directly linked to a hospital’s financial health. If a hospital has inadequate staffing, it could have a negative impact on their bottom line.

Learn how Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) and WakeMed Health & Hospitals found a cure for their human capital management strategy with Peopleclick Authoria.




Peopleclick Authoria’s Hospital Solution can help you meet these talent management challenges by providing a single-source for all of your human capital management needs. Because the Peopleclick Authoria Hospital Solution encompasses the Talent Lifecycle Suite, we can help manage your entire staff, including your salaried, hourly, volunteer and contingent workforce. Our solutions can increase efficiency and employee engagement while building development and succession plans within your healthcare organization. We understand the management of people must be balanced by a priority of resident and patient care. It takes talented individuals to provide a high level of diagnostic care and service, and we want to help you find the right people, foster their growth and give the professional experience and compensatory rewards they deserve.

  • Create unique hiring workflows for a wide range of positions, from food service and facilities to physicians and nurses
  • Enhance your candidates’ experience with multiple branded candidate portals specifically targeting physicians, nurses, hourly workers and volunteers
  • Incorporate assessments and questionnaires into the hiring process based on pre-determined qualifications so you can helping you find the most qualified healthcare candidates in the market
  • Gain more control of your compensation process by automating the calculation, allocating and tracking of merit and bonus rewards
  • Assess the bench strength behind critical healthcare role and build a talent pools and succession slates to quickly fill those roles with high-performers
  • Simplify the Joint Commission compliance processes having a centralized location for your healthcare job descriptions and competencies, allowing you to quickly respond to the Joint Commission’s surveys
  • Peopleclick Authoria has identified and partnered with the leading assessment, background checking and premium job boards specifically for the healthcare industry