Best Buy Moves to the Head of the Class with its Affirmative Action and Diversity Program
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Cadbury Schweppes Finds a Sweet Solution for its Affirmative Action Planning Needs
Peopleclick Authoria CAAMS® Streamlines Reporting Processes and Empowers Management
The Home Depot® Builds Their Compliance and Diversity Programs from the Ground Up With Peopleclick Authoria
Major retailer leverages partnership with Peopleclick Authoria to improve diversity awareness and facilitate a cultural transformation for every store
Having trouble pinpointing affirmative action compliance issues?
Having trouble pinpointing affirmative action compliance issues?
Hone in on risk areas quickly with CAAMS® TotalView.
Overwhelmed by your affirmative action plans?
Overwhelmed by your affirmative action plans?
Let the Peopleclick Authoria experts prepare your plans for you!

Workforce Compliance and Diversity

With more than 30 years of experience and an unmatched team of workforce compliance and diversity consultants, Peopleclick Authoria offers solutions to protect your brand from potential litigation while building a high- performance, diverse workforce.  With the face of the labor force changing, demographic shifts may deliver a multi-generational talent pool and workforce that require compliance and diversity solutions that are well-proven in the marketplace.

Our best practices are built from experience and expertise developed by managing 25 percent of all affirmative action plans in the United States. When it comes to planning, implementing, managing and reporting workforce metrics for compliance and diversity, it is critical to rely on an industry leader that has demonstrated knowledge across a wide range of company sizes and industries.  Making the right decisions at the right time is a key factor in many successful companies; our solutions will empower your business and line managers with the information needed for evaluation and resolution.

With complex legislative changes and possible increases in audits by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), our skilled professionals provide risk mitigation strategies, guidance and recommendations. Diversity is widely recognized as a resource for organizational performance and competitive advantage. Leverage our experience and expertise to ensure your organization stays on track to deliver your company’s goals and objectives.