Do your recruiters & managers struggle with coordinating high volumes of interviews?
Do your recruiters & managers struggle with coordinating high volumes of interviews?
Self-service interview scheduling automates this process and ensures that candidates are impressed with you from the start.

Interview Scheduling

Especially helpful for high volume markets such as retail, restaurants and convenience, Interview Scheduling is a flexible, self-service solution for scheduling and accepting large volumes of interview invitations online, resulting in streamlined communication between the recruiter and candidate throughout the hiring process.


Integration with Recruiting

This award-winning product is built to be a tightly-integrated component of our recruiting and high volume solutions.

  • Allows for expedited coordination between the recruiters, managers and candidates during the interview phase of the hiring process
  • Candidates select their preferred date and time from available interview slots
  • Candidates can return to their booking page to reschedule or access instructions and documents you want them to have for each interview stage

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

With Interview Scheduling, you can define the content of the candidate-facing interview scheduling pages and email templates. Everything from branding, page content, error messages, email layout and more can be designed with your brand in mind to ensure you are communicating a uniform message to your applicants.

  • Communicate consistent brand and messaging across all candidate-facing pages
  • Provide specific instructions on interview pages describing what to bring, where to go, and what to expect
  • Include downloadable forms the candidate can complete and bring with them, saving time and better preparing candidates for their interview

Consistent Communication

Consistent Communication

Email is used throughout the process to communicate with all stakeholders, and mobile device accessibility and text messages are a key component of the candidate-facing solution. Integrate interview invitations with your Microsoft® Outlook® or IBM® Lotus® Notes corporate calendar using iCalendar functionality.

  • Invite candidates to schedule an interview, confirm interviews and provide interview information to all parties leading up to and on the day of the event
  • Configure your self-service interview experience to collect additional interview-related information from the candidate as they schedule their interview online