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How mobile are you?
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As the portal of the talent lifecycle, effective recruitment management plays a major role in propelling your organization to success. Managing the acquisition of salaried and hourly employees in a streamlined, efficient and process-driven way, Peopleclick Authoria will take your recruiting process to the next level, helping you attract the most talented professionals in the market while saving you sufficient costs along the way.

Career Sites

Career Sites

Your career site should successfully reflect your employer brand while providing an engaging, positive candidate experience. It should also be used as a means to streamline your hiring process and drive the leading candidates for each job to your recruiters. Our recruiting solution does all of this and more.

  • Candidates search for jobs based on customer-defined criteria
  • Use qualification questionnaires or assessments to manage applicants through the workflow
  • Candidates apply in multiple languages, to multiple job openings in a single session
  • Upload, copy/paste or use Resume Builder for resume submission
  • Advanced resume parsing capabilities to streamline the application process



With Peopleclick Authoria Recruiting, you can manage all job postings to internal and external career sites, referral sites, staffing agency sites and multiple internet job boards.

  • Simultaneously search multiple candidate languages with multi-language criteria
  • Conceptual search capabilities quickly and easily locate candidates that meet specific job criteria
  • Provides multiple sources of candidates including: alumni, campus, by job type, micro-sites, referral and internal mobility

 Requisitions and Approvals

Requisitions and Approvals

Peopleclick Authoria solutions manage the entire job requisition and approval process while integrating with your organization’s sourcing, selection and hiring practices.

  • Create requisitions from scratch, use a template or clone an existing requisition
  • Change requisition status to open, closed, pending, on-hold or cancelled
  • Analyze and track requisition information including AA compliance goals, approvals, modifications, posting status, sources and the full history of associated candidates

 Hiring Process Workflow

Hiring Process and Workflow

Because there are different business needs within a single organization, it is imperative to have a recruiting solution that can adapt to a variety of local, regional and international requirements. With extensive configurability and multi-lingual support, Peopleclick Authoria provides the control and flexibility to support different hiring process as your business needs evolve.

  • Visible hiring process that defines and automates your organization’s recruiting process
  • Supports both centralized and decentralized hiring processes
  • Control and flexibility to define application-level rights and privileges based on your hiring practices
  • Unlimited roles offer the ability to support different hiring processes and unlimited organizational levels by users

 Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

One of the only solutions in the industry to provide comprehensive reporting and analytics across all types of labor—including salaried, hourly and contingent, Peopleclick Authoria’s reporting and analytics helps businesses combine data from all segments of recruiting and hiring into a single consolidated view.

  • Report on all information in the application, including customer-defined fields
  • Perform calculations and use numerous pre-defined formulas to streamline report creation
  • Use a standard library of more than 190 reports, dashboards and scorecards to gain transparency into your talent acquisition process


Peopleclick Authoria recognizes that compliance is an integral part of your business. Therefore, our recruiting solution allows you to dynamically link your diversity objectives and affirmative action placement goals with your recruiting initiatives.


Global Capabilities

Our clients have been using Peopleclick Authoria Recruiting internationally since 1997. With extensive experience with international implementations that account for local needs, we provide a variety of configurations that allow flexibility when adhering to local customs and preferences.

  • Post a single job opening in multiple languages
  • Search for and apply to job openings in any multi-byte, left-to-right reading language
  • Use a corporate site with postings in many languages and local sites with postings in the appropriate language for a particular region
  • Enable candidates to see postings in different languages on a single site for countries where open positions must be presented in more than one language


Industry-leading data integration technologies are a fundamental component of Peopleclick Authoria solutions. Our solutions integrate with systems such as HRIS, assessment, background, drug testing, tax credit and financial systems.

  • Integration Manager dashboard for monitoring integration processes
  • Rapid implementation of secure data integrations
  • SOA Infrastructure for real-time/on-demand web services
  • World-class infrastructure for reliability and security