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Peopleclick Authoria Delivers Industry’s First Dynamic Planning, Tracking and Reporting Application for ‘Good Faith Effort’ Compliance

-New Compliance Reporting Center Enables Collaborative, Efficient,  Centralized Solution for Building and Managing Affirmative Action Programs-

RALEIGH, N.C. and WALTHAM, Mass. Peopleclick Authoria, offering a unique combination of best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity, today announced its newest product from the Compliance and Diversity business, Compliance Reporting Center (CRC) 3.0.  CRC 3.0 is the industry’s first affirmative action and diversity planning, tracking and reporting solution that automatically documents outreach activities and Good Faith Efforts (GFE), while providing managers with automated program exception alerts.  The full solution helps organizations identify and mitigate compliance risks and exposure with advanced graphical analysis of existing workforce demographics and with links to industry benchmarks, census data, and other external comparative demographics.  

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP’s) recent announcement of Active Case Enforcement and other proposed changes to audit procedures created a significant new record-keeping burden on employers who must now carefully plan and document Good Faith Efforts and outreach activities.  CRC 3.0, the first affirmative action and diversity planning solution of its kind on the market today, greatly reduces this burden and, in some cases, truly eliminates it, freeing managers to spend more time performing and monitoring GFEs to avoid technical violations during an audit.

“As organizations strive for compliance, a major pain-point has traditionally been the lack of a collaborative tool or an efficient process to analyze, manage and document outreach activities and Good Faith Efforts,” said Randy Jesberg, senior vice president and general manager, Workforce Compliance and Diversity Solutions, Peopleclick Authoria.  “With CRC 3.0, key contributors within an organization can not only create, store and disseminate critical information, reducing the time spent manually tracking down materials such as GFEs that help support diversity initiatives, but, more important, they can also build and measure programs and initiatives that support the right diversity outcomes.”

With CRC 3.0, Peopleclick Authoria delivers the industry’s first Good Faith Effort (GFE) Manager, which enables organizations to proactively define, schedule, assign and implement commitments to action-oriented programs such as internal training, college recruitment, and veteran outreach, among other initiatives.  Since the OFCCP is currently focused on evaluating contractors’ good faith efforts and requesting verification, HR, business managers and senior management can now easily and efficiently track, document and report all GFE activities across the organization in one location. CRC’s new Good Faith Effort Management feature also enables users to access Peopleclick Authoria’s EEOSource website for recommended outreach sources and recommendations that can be used to build or define external good faith efforts.

With increasing scrutiny from federal regulators, organizations, large and small, require more sophisticated applications to manage their growing number of affirmative action programs and reporting requirements. Since the transition to Active Case Enforcement by the OFCCP, the emphasis is on individual cases of discrimination as opposed to systemic issues. In this new environment, accurate and consistent record-keeping practices are an imperative.  It is no longer enough to simply track and report on compliance initiatives or to exhibit acceptable practices in hiring, promoting and managing a workforce.  A “Good Faith Effort” now necessitates reporting on demographic profile by division, by region and by title, among many other classifications, and it also requires program analysis and an overview of prospective planning initiatives. 

By using CRC 3.0, organizations can ensure compliance preparation and accountability among key stakeholders throughout an organization.  Through a secure Web-based application, CRC 3.0 provides compliance and diversity teams with a centralized storage location from which to securely disseminate all compliance and diversity related assets. CRC 3.0 eliminates the cost and risks associated with report distribution through automated, electronic publication and tracks compliance and diversity metrics while ensuring that information is reviewed in an appropriate manner only by those who have permission to do so.

Compliance Reporting Center seamlessly integrates with Peopleclick Authoria’s CAAMS 4.2, a breakthrough web-based enterprise-level compliance and diversity reporting platform that saves compliance professionals time and money while improving affirmative action plan reporting accuracy and visibility.

Other highlights of version 3.0 of the Peopleclick Authoria Compliance Reporting Center include:

  • Gap Outreach Dashboard – The Gap Outreach Dashboard provides external census demographics, applicant pool representation, and current representation metrics by establishment and job group. By leveraging this dashboard, organizations can ensure applicant pools are representative of recruitment labor areas, monitor the effects of good faith effort outreach activities on applicant and current representation levels throughout the plan year and adjust recruiting sources based on the metrics provided by the Gap Outreach Dashboard’s applicant pool representation.
  • Non-proprietary Document Management – CRC now offers the ability to manage other documents or files that do not originate from the Peopleclick Authoria CAAMS system. While CRC continues to host CAAMS-generated reports, users can load other types of files and documents such as Word, Excel, compliance policy and other files. CRC scans all files to help ensure they are virus-free.

The latest version of CRC is available now. More information can be accessed here.


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